Innholders' Hall

Step into Innholders’ Hall, an enchanting blend of history and culinary excellence nestled in the heart of The City of London.

As a hub of fine dining and hospitality, our hall carries the legacy of a historic livery company, inviting you to relish exceptional gastronomy prepared by our renowned chef, Luciano Lucioli. Basking in the ambience of a centuries-old tradition, Innholders’ Hall provides a unique setting where you can savour not only exquisite dishes but also the rich tapestry of the past. From its medieval guild origins to its distinguished present, every meal here becomes a journey through time.

Innholders’ Hall is the home of one of the city’s historic livery companies. The Innholders’ first Royal Charter was granted by Henry VIII in 1514. Emerging from the medieval guilds, authorised by the Crown and the Corporation of London, the livery companies were established to oversee crafts, trades, and services within the city limits.

Many livery companies hold Royal Charters, and the Lord Mayor, two Sheriffs, and other city officials are selected from their members. The Innholders’ Company holds the 32nd position in the livery precedence and boasts the distinction of producing five Lord Mayors.

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